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Rising Hy Chicken Wings

Cooking Directions:

  1. Bread the wings and bake them for 30 min skin side up.
  2. Mix sauces Grill wings on BBQ or broil to get crispy, flipping for both sides.
  3. Remove and toss immediately with sauce and chives and serve.
  4. To make spicier Rising Hy Chicken Wings add Habanero Olive Oil or Habanero Hot Sauce with sauces!!!

Habanero for your Health

Keep it spicy and stay Healthy!

Lose Weight, Boosts metabolism, Stimulates proteins that break down fat, Inhibits proteins that store fat.

Fight Cancer, Capsaicin found in habaneros treated prostate tumor growth.

Helps cardiovascular disease, anti-coagulant properties, help prevent heart-attack or stokes caused by blood clots, prevents oxidation of bad cholesterol.

Helps with arthritis, internally and externally used as an anti-inflammatory.

Diabetes Control, creates new cells that produce insulin

Releases Endorphin’s, “Natural Hy”.

Great source of vitamins, contains more than 300% vitamin C than an orange, Vitamin A, B9, Folic Acid.

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