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Quinoa and Basil

One cup of quinoa
5 fresh basil leaves
2 cups of vegetables (roasted)
red and yellow peppers
1/2 lb of meat (if desired)
Habanero Olive Oil
Devil Salt
Honey Mustard
Habanero Hot Sauce

Toss all vegetables in Habanero Olive Oil and Devil Salt until coated and roast in oven at 375 or on grill until tender. Remove and cover trapping juice. Make quinoa according to package directions. Dice basil leaves and add to cooked quinoa, cover with Devil Salt and mix well. If adding meat, cook on grill or pan sear with honey mustard as a glaze. Remove from heat, glaze with mustard and set aside covered.
Take a small cup or ramekin and fill with quinoa and pack it down. Grab plate, and place over the top of cup or ramekin. Flip over and tap out quinoa, making a nice design, place roasted vegetables around quinoa. Drizzle juice of vegetables over the quinoa and serve. With meat, serve along side or dice and add to vegetables. Serve and enjoy with Habanero Hot Sauce.

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