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Q. Why no vinegar in the hot sauce?

Taste! Vinegar has a very strong acidic taste and smell to it. These elements lead to an acidic burn and overpowering singe which detracts from the pure flavor of the habanero and tomato.

Q. How would I use the Habanero Olive Oil?

Use it with anything you would use olive oil for and more. Spice up pasta. Fry an egg. Dip some bread. Spice up your favorite dips. Rub into meat. Make popcorn.

Q. How would you use the Honey Mustard?

Pretzels, sandwiches, hamburgers, hot dogs, as a glaze on chicken, fish or pork; mix with some oil and vinegar for a dressing. Dip with veggies, chips or a cheese plate.

Q. Do you wholesale?

Yes, we do wholesale. Please contact a sales representative for further inquires.

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