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Chapter 2 RisingHy History

By October 13, 2013August 26th, 2020RisingHy Blog

Shortly after launching RisingHy, Mike began to look for a location to make the Habanero Hot Sauce and found Cuvee 928 in Flagstaff. The owner had worked with Mike at a local eatery and asked him if he wanted to come and help her open a new Wine Bar and restaurant in Downtown Flagstaff, his response,”Can I make hot sauce there”? Thank you Taryn for making his and our dreams come true. Closed on Sundays, Mike gathered all his friends and family members and began to make the Habanero Hot sauce on the weekends. During the week he would pound the pavement and talk to local businesses about RisingHy and bartend at night. It was a grueling schedule that lead him to various ideas and thoughts on how to best market and distribute his sauces. Over the course of two years he gained new clients and built a reputation as a local sauce company. Many people thought that he was crazy! They may have been right but his love and passion would not stop him from going after his dream! RisingHy is a lifestyle of drive and taking risks about the things you love and want to make happen!!

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