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Chapter 1 of RisingHy

By February 26, 2013August 26th, 2020RisingHy Blog

This story begins with the ending unknown but already deep into the adventure. During this journey we will describe what it means to be RisingHy, for it is not only a brand but also an idea! Together we will build a story to be told for many reasons built on one principle, RisingHy. We hope that you enjoy this trek and all that it may bring, for it has already brought us to now.


As the sophomore year of college began, Mike thought it would be a great idea to brew some beer at his new house. Why not? Having honed in what he thought was “veteran” status for beer knowledge, he decided to buy a “Home Brew Kit” and make a batch. All pieces of the chemistry experiment were purchased locally in Flagstaff, AZ and he set his heart on a Red Ale. Mike has always been a very adventurous type who typically threw himself into things without much research or knowledge. “Best way to learn is to get your whole body into it” was one of the motos by which he lived. So he began in his tiny kitchen with his fellow three roommates routing him on. Cooked, set aside and waiting in the corner of his small room he set about his daily living, waiting for that great taste.
“What the hell just happened, no way!!!” Mike uttered as he entered his room a couple of days later. From corner to corner, in the closet, all over the clothes, over everything, was beer. Foam dried hops, yeast, barley covering the room. What had gone wrong, why did this happen…well the science is known, but that was the end of it, no more beer. This is not to say that Mike gave up, oh no, but his friend thought of another idea. Make hot sauce, he bought him a kit at a department store and so it began…

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