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RisingHy OriginsWhile in college Mike (owner) was blessed with a “hot sauce kit” and began experimenting in his college home. Roommates and neighbors were put through many trial batches and Habanero experiments… thanks to all of them… and the Habanero Hot sauce was born.

While finishing up his time at Northern Arizona University Mike decided to try his hand in the business world and formed RisingHy. As the paperwork was processing, this picture was taken of Mike and his “hot sauce kit” buddy and the logo were born. Thank you E-roc, we know that four in the morning can sometimes get the best of us!!

RisingHy has continued to expand its range of sauces to include: Honey Mustard, Habanero Olive Oil, and Citrus Habanero Salt.

RisingHy Products

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