RisingHy Products

RisingHy is a line of gourmet products made with all-natural ingredients and guaranteed to tantalize your tastebuds!

RisingHy is Flagstaff, Arizona’s first and only line of specialty sauces. “Making the world taste better… one bottle at a time” is our mission. Each product is handcrafted to be used before, during, and after cooking.

They may be used separately or in combination to enhance the flavor of all foods. RisingHy uses all-natural ingredients and guarantees to tantalize your taste buds with its Habanero Hot Sauce, El Miguel, Chipotle Stinger Honey MustardHabanero Olive OilGreenGo Sauce, Citrus Habanero Salt and many more.







Keepin’ it Spicy Since 2000!








…and the Honey Mustard on a hot pastrami and swiss on rye can’t be beat….and the Hot Sauce on a breakfast scramble is the best pre-snow play meal ever… and… and… and…

James Straight

I am addicted to the mustard! Just finished another bottle. I use it on sandwiches, mix it with salad dressings, and love dipping pretzels in it!

Kit Brennan

Get Some! Delicious on sandwiches! I’m proud to be from Flagstaff, home of Rising Hy! Yours is a noble mission, sir.

Ellen Bennett

Made fish tacos last night with the honey mustard instead of sour cream, amazing, also as the filet came out of the skillet we sprinkled them wiht Devil Dust. Some of the best tacos ever.


I’ve been a food critic for thirteen years and the habanero honey mustard was surprisingly tasty. I found my jeanie in a bottle and he’s wearing a cowboy hat!

Bruce Hall